About Us

Vayzup was created in the summer of 2020 to offer on-demand game server services. We have accumulated close to two decades of experience in providing server operation services and maintaining a smooth and uninterrupted stable infrastructure.

We help gamers have an enjoyable gaming experience without interruption or lagging. Our services are also secured with DDos protection to prevent players from any forms of attacks while enjoying themselves.

Our services are distinct and affordable for all. We currently support game servers for the following games:

  • Counter-strike: GO
  • Counter-strike 1.6
  • Counter-strike Source
  • Minecraft

Our servers are currently running in countries like Norway and Germany.

We are unique in our operations amongst other service providers, and we’re eager to show you!

Our Vision

In order to keep up with our competitors, we aim to deliver the best possible service in the gaming industry.

Our Mission

We re aiming to create a new type of game server – one that's inexpensive, simple to use and powerful for power-hungry gamers. We'll achieve this by using creativity and modern technology. This will enable us to provide an enjoyable gaming experience with a stable connection that never lags or drops.